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Advanced Services | Laparoscopy (Keyhole Surgery)

keyhole surgeries

For some fertility cases , reproductive surgery is required to achieve their optimal fertility success . Such fertility enhancing keyhole surgeries are done with the aim of diagnosing the cause of infertility thouroughly and treating them appropriately with minimal tissue handling.

At Anmol  Fertility and IVF centre , our goal is to provide you with the least invasive procedure possible .

 Our surgeons have  equipped  themselves with latest technologies and are able  to perform delicate , specialized surgery in a minimally invasive manner , with most surgical procedures lasting just about an hour .


Laparoscopy is an effective way to diagnose or treat anatomical fertility problems.

We at Anmol Fertility and IVF centre perform this minimally invasive procedure, in-house ie the patient can avail this facility too in the same premises. We do these surgeries under general anaesthesia to ensure maximal patient comfort.

In a laparoscopic procedure, a tube containing a video camera (laparoscope) is inserted through a small abdominal incision (5 to 12 mm) that allows the doctors to access  the abdominal and pelvic organs without a need for major surgery.

A complete diagnosis can be made with precision . At the same time if some corrective procedures are needed , they can be carried out in the same sitting .

It is usually a day care procedure with the patient coming to the hospital in the morning and going back the same evening .

It is used to treat :


*Ovarian cysts


*Ectopic pregnancy

*Blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes

*Correction of scar tissue , adhesions .


Hysteroscopy is another minimally invasive surgical procedure that requires no incisions.

Like laparoscopy , a Hysteroscopy is performed at Anmol Fertility and IVF centre . Most women are able to resume normal activities immediately following a Hysteroscopy .

A hysteroscopy uses a small tube (hysteroscope) to examine the cervical canal and inside of the uterus .

Hysteroscopy is used to treat


*Endometrial polyps

*Uterine abnormalities such as scar tissue and adhesions .

*Abnormally heavy uterine bleeding

*Repair of uterine septum

*Correction of the abnormal and or small uterine cavity to try and ensure a full term pregnancy.


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