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1. Fertility Nutrition

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Infertility is on the rise and misinformed dietary choices are a major contributor to growing fertility problems. Many people  are given the wrong impression about health and nutrition from misleading information which often promises quick and unsafe results rather than reinforcing life-long healthy behavior change.Proper, well-researched nutrition plays a significant role in helping frustrated couples increase their ability to conceive. An effective nutrition program tailored specifically to you can be valuable before turning to assisted fertility treatments. For those using assisted fertility treatments, such as IUI & IVF, a personalized nutrition plan can play a key role in helping support the conception of a healthy baby. If you’re a man or a woman trying to become a parent, eat a healthy diet.

2. Fertility Counselling

There might be a lot of questions brewing in your brain about the issue of infertility. They need a patient hearing and honest answers at the end.

An infertility counselling session at Anmol Fertility & IVF Centre surely establishes a platform to have all your queries solved before taking the final step. Here you know, what are the steps involved in the entire process, what can be the  outcome of the process you are deciding on, the side effects if any , the alternatives available and the the costs involved . A proper infertility counselling session becomes all the more important if you are going for a donor program or surrogacy.

All that you discuss with your doctor is confidential unless there are exceptional circumstances.

3. Mind & Body Wellness

Stress takes a toll on a woman’s ability to persevere through fertility treatments. A person undergoing stress always feels isolated and lonely. As a result, many drop out even though they are approaching their goal.

Yoga seeks to foster  a state of mind-body  harmony. A calm and a relaxed mind is a key to achieve successful result.Here at Anmol Fertility & IVF Centre, our expert guides through yoga helps you to have a calm and stress-free mind.

A person who is stress free and has a positive attitude will always gain benefits of fertility treatment. Experts believe that specific yoga poses can help promote by increasing blood flow to your pelvis stimulating hormones producing glands and releasing muscle tension.

At Anmol Fertility & IVF Centre, we take care of Mind & Body. Stress reducing yoga used along with conventional fertility treatment, may increase the chances of conception. Yoga is a way of life, we stress at Anmol Fertility & IVF Centre, Mumbai.

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